If you’ve arrived at hydractinia.org today, you might be a little disappointed. Where are all the pretty pictures of Hydractinia? Where’s the cool home page with a rotating gallery? Where are the protocols? Why are the pages just outlines of stuff, some of which doesn’t even make sense?

The answer is simple. We (the Schnitzler, Frank, and Nicotra labs) are building this website right now, maybe even as you read this! We want to prioritize getting useful information out to the cnidarian research community as fast as possible. And we think the easiest way to do this is by creating this website on GitHub Pages using Jekyll.

In the coming weeks you will see us create an entire page dedicated to helping anyone obtain and successfully culture their own Hydractinia colonies. We are going to assemble a list of every Hydractinia resource we know. We are going to create a directory of Hydractinia researchers and we are going to want you to get on the list!

Think of this as your one-stop shop for all things Hydractinia. And it’s open during construction.


(image credit: fantasticdeals)